Report: Relief activities for Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake on 3 April 2011

At 7:00 am@We left the hotel and departed toward Morioka

We departed toward Matsushima along the Sanriku motorway.
Firstly we visited Matsushima, a sightseeing place. We saw many broken shops badly but the city was tidied up well already. I think the local people worked hard. Still we canft see any tourist at all. We have never seen such quiet Matsushima before. Matsushima is also famous for cultivation of oyster and we presume the fishing ground had received devastating damage. So many black-tailed gulls were flying around to eat the oysters from the damaged fishing ground.

At 10:30 am Itfs incredible !
We inspected the east part of Matsushima where had devastating damage from this calamity.
Because of the damaged buildings are still remained, we could feel the situation graphically. We could not believe the fact in front of us, that the tsunami caused this much of disaster and took so many lives of people and their houses. Ms.Yui said eit just looks like a city had bombingf.
The situation is as if we can not find from where to start mending but the self-defense-force were keeping calm and carrying on.

Oku-Matsushima is located about 1hour car drive from Sendai city.
While we drove along the coast, the scenery changed completely and the town was collapsed.
At the 14:46 on 11th March 2011, the great earthquake hit the east part of Japan especially in the Sanriku.
The clock of Oku-Matsushima tourist information centre remained the indicated the time.
Just 1 second before this time, there was a town and people were spending their daily life.

The collapsed Higashi-Matsushima station.
Now the rails were distorted and the building was disrupted.

Here is near the Noberuchiku harbor.
This town is completely swept away.
Even rubbles had been swept away somewhere.
Itfs an absolute devastating situation and we even can not tell what existed here and what life was run by the people lived here. When we are here, our emotion and every perception become numbed, we can not even cry and we can not even acknowledge the reality. We donft know how we can explain and we have no words to say if we think about the victims actually had damaged from the disaster. We repeatedly ask to ourselves, what we can do.

We spread purification of ground to repose of the souls.

We are going to leave the east part of Matsushima and will head to Morioka.

At 13:00 pm eWe are having such a hard time. That is why, Letfs support each other.f
1,000,000 Japanese yen addressed to the Iwate prefectural governor from JPHMA members and colleagues from the world was passed to the social welfare section of health and welfare depart of the task force for Fukushima disaster by Ms. Yui, the chair of JPHMA. Even it was Sunday they allowed us to meet them. They received the money and thanked us about it very much.

Many vehicles of the self-defense force were parked in front of the prefectural office.

We are heading to the venue to see people in Morioka.

'Meeting with people in Fukushima' 'Countermeasure for radiation and mind care'

Meeting with people in Fukushima

It was reported that 3 thousands and 5 hundreds people were dead and 4 thousands and 5 hundreds people are still missing in Iwate prefecture.

As this seminar was decided quite suddenly and had only less than one week to announce it, we expected only a few people would be able to come but many of old and young people were waiting at the venue by knowing the information from the word on mouth. There were not enough seats so we had to prepare temporary seats and started the seminar.
When Torao sensei arrived there, it was very impressive that students and homoeopaths run toward to her with crying to express their gratitude. Torako sensei who had visited the affected area along with the Sanriku coast just before started the lecture from reading the poem she made with quivering voice by thinking of all the people who lost their life from this disaster.

When people had too strong shock, their emotion and everything become numbed and they can not even cry, they can not acknowledge the reality. We could see the participants released the tension of their shoulders and become relaxed gradually by listening Torako senseifs speech.

Countermeasure for radiation and mind care

She introduced how we can use the wisdom learned from the experience of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl and homoeopathic approach to cleanse the soil and our body polluted by radiation.

They were also taught about self care remedies for each symptoms so that they can prevent to be affected from the fear and anxiety experienced from this disaster physically and mentally as PTSD. Participants were nodding and writing down hard while she was talking. In her lecture, there were so many hints for us who are living apart from the nature and god, and caused this nuclear disaster we have never experienced before, and that we need to realize. And the end of the lecture they made a lot of applause. While the lecture the participant of Iwate was very quiet but they asked a lot of questions after her speech.

Surprise graduation ceremony for the students of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy

With attend of all participants, the graduation ceremony was hold for one student who lives in Morioka and could not attend the graduation ceremony held in Tokyo the other day because of the disaster. Torako sensei hugged her strongly and celebrated her achievement in the hard situation of past four years. The student filled her eyefs with tears and told her thank to Torako sensei for the ceremony which she was givin up. There was a lot of applause from the audience celebrating her graduate and everybody shared the impression with her. We could feel warm heart of the people of Iwate.

The 3 day relief tour for Tohoku has been finished with big sensation.
We accept this tribulation from the god and the people who had damage from this disaster start realizing first. As the people living in Tohoku are reticent and perseverant, everyone certainly have the strength to overcome this trial. We really thank the people in Iwate gathering today even this lecture was held in short notice. We all the member of JPHMA is hoping that the seeds of homoeopathy spread in Iwate will heal its ground and the heart of people. We hope that someday homoeopathy will become help for everyonefs happiness, for everyone to regain their natural healing ability and the belief of their own natural body and themselves by passing it to the next generations.
Homoeopathic remedies and remedy guide book, dried vegetable, organic handmade fermented soybean paste, sunflower seeds and water from Toya etc. were supplied to the all participant of 3 prefecture of Tohoku by JPHMA.

Sponsored by: Homoeopathy Japan Ltd., Homoeopathic Publishing Corporation Ltd.,Homoeopathic Institution Ltd.

Also by leading of the JPHMA, the short consultations were held by profesional homoeopaths and the students learning homoeopathy, and they cared many peoplefs damaged mind from this disaster.


Thank you very much, Ms Yui. I voluntarily cried when I knew that you planned to visit Fukushima at the head and then Sendai and Morioka in each place although a lot of people avoid coming close to Fukushima because of radiation contamination. Your lecture was very useful. And actually even seeing you and hearing your voice cheered up me and gave me foresight and power to live. I can never thank you enough. I appreciate that I can live as a part of the nature and Ifd like to live together with homoeopathy. Thank you very much again.

Thank you very much for the wonderful lecture today. I also appreciate your thoughtful consideration to hold this seminar with free of charge. I understood how to deal with the shock from the disaster and fear of radiations specifically by using remedies. Ifm very impressed by your activities in recent years. And your powerful voice cheered up me. Ifd like to do my best in Morioka and live with foresight and thankfulness. I appreciate with my whole heart that you came all the way to here with lots of presents such as clarifying water for ground and the donation.

Todayfs lecture makes me think about how to live from now. Ifm having a baby soon so I was anxious about radiation contamination in various ways. But Ifd like to prepare for the birth of my baby with taking remedies to keep a peaceful state of mind. I donft want to live with the ins and outs, deceptions or place importance on money than life. I felt that the true happiness may be to live what I am and the purpose of the life may be to seek what I am. Thank you very much for coming all the way to here today.

Though I was having stressful days both physically and mentally, but the messages of Ms Yui really touched my heart. You gave me a sense of peace, hard-to-beat mind, never-give-up attitude, and good energy. Thank you very much for coming all the way in such a difficult situation. I really appreciate it and am be eternally grateful.

This is the first time for me to attend a seminar of homoeopathy. Ifm afraid that I couldnft concentrate on the lecture because I attended with my child, but the measures for the radiation contamination which Ifm the most anxious about was helpful. I couldnft make decisions about whether I could let my child play outside, in the mud or not and also I donft know whether the water is safe or not because there were various information. But your lecture cleared my mind in a way. Maybe I was worry about everything too much. Ifd like to have fermented food and improve my immunity to deal with the situation fearlessly. Ifm living with hope of the bright future for our children with great sincerity. Thank you very much for today.

Ifm glad that I could learn what I didnft know before. It was very interesting. I would like to study more deeply from now. I would like to consider about what is the fact.

I was very glad to be able to listen to Torako senseifs seminar at this timing. It would be very helpful. I would like to study homoeopathy more. Thank you very much for today.

At 18:00 p.m. Returning to Tokyo
Ms.Yui with the members of JPHMA and the supporting members
We could complete this relief activity tour in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate safely.
By meeting everyone in these 3 days, we promised with every one that we will learn something from this suffering and live courageously.
Ms. Yui visited a lot of the stricken areas, tried to repose of souls by remedy and prayed for them from the bottom of heart. Also she tackled the pollution problem of radiation squarely and brought the collected donation to support people and lands in affected area. We had meeting with more than 300 of people and we hope that this homoeopathy seminars to live with courage and hope would be a great love and energy for not only the people in the area we visited, but also the people in the all affected area in Tohoku.