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The results from this survey support the idea that Homoeopathy, be it in the form of self-care or professional care, is effective against issues of the mind. In addition to this we have also discovered that Homoeopathy is widely used for emotional issues between parent and child during the child-raising stages, and is also effective in helping those with psychological dependence on drugs to overcome their problems and stand on their own two feet. Individual responses to our approaches to tackling mental issues can be found on the JPHMA website.

Nationwide survey results:

World Homoeopathy Awarness Week (WHAW) 2010 participating event



Homoeopathy and Mental Well-being
In celebration of the 255th Anniversary of the Birth of Dr Samuel Hahnemann

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Seminar 'Homoeopathy and Mental Well-being' is going to be held at College of Holistic Homoeopathy in Japan and the Japay Royal Academy of Homoeopathy in the U.K. as a participating event for WHAW 2010.
This seminar is going to be held at 8 venues in Japan and one venue in the UK simultaneously, using TV conference system.

Professional homoeopaths all over Japan are going to give presentations,
which shows efficiencies and potentials in homoeopathy for mental healthcare and show their cases in associated themes.
This event is open to general public, and will appeal beneficial points of homoeopathy, which works on Mind, Body and Spirit, to Japanese people.
Starting with this event, JPHMA is going to carry on holding enlightenment events about effectiveness in homoeopathy for mental healthcare.


  • 1830 - 2100 on Saturday 10 April 2010 (JAPAN)
  • 1030 - 1300 on Saturday 10 April 2010 (U.K.)


Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, London(UK)

This seminar is going to be held at 8 venues in Japan and 1 venue in the UK simultaneously, using TV conference system.


  1. Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom
  2. Shigemi Matsumoto JPHMA.Hom
  3. Shoko Okamoto JPHMA.Hom
  4. Noriko Takada JPHMA.Hom
  5. Akiko Toyoike JPHMA.Hom


In prior to WHAW 'Homoeopathy and Mental Well-being' event, JPHMA had held utilisation study in homoeopathy for mental care.
The resut is as it shown below.
80% of the 342 people are using homoeopathy not only for caring their physical body but also for caring their mind.
It also shows that 80% in 68% of the people who had used conventional drugs for their mental care, decreased their use. (English)

We have also included below an extract of our survey.

1. How did Homoeopathic care help you with your emotional needsH

I was able to overcome my obsessive needs.

I have always been an optimist, but I have now started to become even more easy-going.

When I have a bitter experience, instead of taking it out on my friends by moaning to them, I now work out exactly what is bothering me and solve the issue by taking remedies. This is, ofcourse, easier said than done.

There was no significant healing aggravation and before I knew it, all my nervous thoughts had become positive thoughts. In hindsight, as I was not undergoing any other form of care at the time, I am sure this was an effect brought on by the remedies.

Before I took remedies I used to get frequent panic-attacks and hyper-ventilate. But since taking remedies I hardly experience these any more. Now, even when I do get these, I am able to deal with them using remedies and I no longer have any use for medication. I do not worry or feel sad as much as I used to and I am able to lead a happier life.

My childfs facial expressions have improved. He used have no expression at all, but he now smiles and laughs. I gave him Pulsatilla and he now goes to sleep more easily. My PMS is not as bad as it used to be. Even when I am stressed with child-raising, when I take the remedy my stress just seems to vanish. Perhaps the bed-wetting remedies have had an effect, as my child has become more conscious of his bed-wetting.

I took it when I had an accident, and whereas usually I would get depressed, this time I was able to shrug it off the very next day.

My pet rabbit, which I have had for some time now, fell ill this spring. I had already learnt from the vet last autumn that my rabbit could not be cured and I had been caring for it with remedies until now. When my rabbit finally passed away, I pulled myself through by taking Ignatia.

I take the remedies when I fail a test, or when I have a bad day at work and I am able to not let these things hold me back.

I take Homoeopathy when I am irritated and it calms my nerves.

Before I knew it, I had forgotten my obsessive needs.

I am currently receiving consultations from a qualified Homoeopath near my home. Having taken remedies for four months (four groups of remedies, each lasting one month) and still experiencing the release of pain from my body, I cannot say I am totally satisfied. Perhaps it takes longer for the real effects to take place.

When I have suppressed emotions that need to come out, I take a remedy. This allows me to completely release the emotion and feel relieved. This in turn allows me to concentrate on my emotional problems and work on improving them. Thus, I feel my body and mind are slowly but surely becoming stronger.

Following an onset of panic attacks, I started seeing a psychiatrist in addition to taking medication. I felt as though the medication was poisoning my body. My panic disorder did not improve and I started to have more frequent attacks. I also developed other inconveniences, such as a difficulty to speak. Then I discovered Homoeopathy. I quit the medication and have since dealt with my panic disorder.

Not only did I get over the emotional problems I was dealing with at the time, I was also able to fix depressive tendencies I had experienced for many year.

I was able to see myself for who I really am, accept this, and forgive myself. I do not accuse myself as much as I used to. I have become a more self-affirmed person and I gain more satisfaction and enjoyment in life.

Stress and relationships at work.

I have become less anxious.

Sudden mood-swings (anger, sadness, anxiety)

It helped with family and work-related problems.

I feel I have learnt to take an objective viewpoint of myself. I also feel I take a more positive approach to things now.

It has helped me to notice some bad habits of mine.

Injuries, sleep, anxiety

I able to discover an anger, deep within me, towards my mother (who I love very much and who is precious to me) which originated from never being praised by her. Since then I have overcome these feelings of anger towards my mother and I love her very much.

I was able to release unwanted emotions and I also came to notice certain events in my life.

With every consultation I feel my inner-self is brought out. It feels as if someone or something is intruding on my heart and my body. My emotions alternate between phases of being calm and then being drawn out. It is a very painful experience but I feel that by letting my heart scream out, I am able to understand myself.

I am able to take pride in my real self.

I was able to notice my emotions for what they really are (e.g. crying, anger etc.).

Even when I get depressed, by taking the remedy to match the respective emotions and the situation, I am able to shrug it off quicker. I feel like I can deal with anything on my own.

It helps me to eradicate lingering thoughts in my heart. I was able to get over the grief I felt over my grandmotherfs death.

I noticed that I am the cause of all the problems. I express my emotions more. I do not get affected from external factors any more.

I am losing my obsessive compulsions. I realise I can now see my own feelings from a different angle.

My feelings of sadness and hate are cured do not linger on ? they are cured in a short period of time.

I take Aconite to calm myself from anxiety or when I am needlessly angry towards my child; I feel it helps to ease these feelings. My child has a very bad temper, but when I give him Camomilla he calms down.

I learnt of Homoeopathy when my father passed away. I wanted to cry but I held back the tears. It was then a friend of mine offered me a remedy which helped ease the (psychological) pain. I wanted to know more about these sugar pills and I now always have a book with me for study. I attempted mental care once, but the healing aggravation was too great and being self-taught, I became worried and stopped the treatment half-way through. Next time I would like to attempt mental care whilst receiving advice from a Homoeopath.

I feel I was made to notice lingering thoughts I had in my heart. As a result, there has been a change in my consciousness.

To take pride in oneself. To heal my grief.

I had been hoarding up a lot of stress without even realising. I now no longer do this. I was able to overcome a trauma I have had since primary school.