Homoeopathic self-care and education have developed rapidly in Japan since Torako Yui, the first Japanese homoeopath, has started to introduce homoeopathy to the country in the late 1990s.

The JPHMA is engaged in the promotion, academic research, education and international exchange of homoeopathy in Japan. The establishment of indemnity insurance for homoeopaths in 2005 enabled them to practice homoeopathy without anxiety and led to an increase in their social status. Furthermore, we began operating alongside the Japanese Homoeopathic Foundation established in March 2009.




 2 years after from the disaster, Torako Yui revisiting the affected area
2 years after from the disaster, Torako Yui revisiting the affected area

Torako-sensei held a seminar in Sendai in this January. After the seminar she revisited the affected area again.2 years after the disaster, we could hear the current situation from the people who live in the region. This film reports the visit.

 WHAW2013 Event, Seminar in FUKUSHIMA by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom
WHAW2013 Event, Seminar in FUKUSHIMA by Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom

My lecture in FUKUSHIMA this year is titled 'A precious thing FUKUSHIMA could only have known from overcoming the disaster.' Although many people were killed by this disaster, survivors are still living their lives to the fullest in spite of the sufferings.Here is to FUKUSHIMA's future! All the best to FUKUSHIMA!

Inspection Report Great East Japan Earthquake 2011

JPHMA Flash News

2011.06.11 On 1 June 2011, the article about the lecture of Torako Yui, the Chair of Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA), at the Japan National Press Club (JNPC) was carried on ‘Kankyo nougyo shimbun (Environment agriculture newspaper).
2011.06.04 Mediale Welten Kongress (In Badenweiler, Germany)Feedback
2011.06.01 JPHMA Chairperson, Dr. Torako Yui's practical activities in disaster areas are introduced in the June issue of Interhomeopathy.
2011.05.12 Mediale Welten Kongress (In Badenweiler, Germany)
2011.04.10 Homeopathy and Exercise ~ build up our physique for preparing against disaster ~
2011.03.29 I’m going to bring our donation
2011.03.27 Message from Torako Yui, chairperson of the JPHMA
2011.03.24 Messages from homoeopaths and homoeopathic organisations from abroad
2011.03.24 Messages from Torako Yui, Chairperson of JPHMA, to JPHMA members in affected area
2011.03.24 Report Charity lectures by JPHMA chairperson, Torako Yui 21 March
2011.03.24 Now free homoeopathic remedies for disasters available to victims and sufferers
2011.03.24 Report Charity lectures by JPHMA chairperson, Torako Yui 19 March
2011.03.18 Relief supplies reached to affected area!Fukushima at 4 AM, Sendai at 7AM local time.
2011.03.17 Messages from Torako Yui to people in the afficted area
2011.03.16 Message from Torako Yui, the chairperson of JPHMA
2011.03.14 Letter to Minister of Health and Welfare
2011.03.11 JAPAN EARTHQUAKE 11 March 2011

The JPHMA is an association open to all professional homoeopaths across methodological and dogmatic boundaries, and the only nonprofit organization in Japan to provide indemnity insurance. It is highly recommended that every homoeopath, either classical or practical, be qualified as a JPHMA certified homoeopath in order to practice in Japan. Please feel free to enquire with the JPHMA head office for more details.


The Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association, the largest homoeopathy organisation in Japan, operates for the enlightenment and study of homoeopathy and toward the diffusion and expansion of homoeopathic medicine. We aim to establish the social position of registered homoeopath by attempting to determine, maintain and improve levels of skill in the profession. Our organisation also hopes to lay the foundation of homoeopathy in Japan so that everyone can have the opportunity to benefit.

Chairperson of JPHMA

Activities of JPHMA

Homoeopathy works by stimulating our natural healing power, and it is this message that the JPHMA is working toward spreading throughout Japan as well as increasing health awareness so that the population are better equipped to protect themselves.

In an aging society, the JPHMA understands the importance of modern homoeopaths who are familiar with both the theoretical and practical aspects of homoeopathy. It is vital to have a system in place to evaluate the capability of homoeopaths and maintain and improve levels of skill. It is for this reason that the JPHMA has introduced a certification examination and also offers practitioners the opportunity to sit similar ones conducted other related homoeopathic organisations around the world. We also hold an annual congress, lectures for continuous professional development and have introduced a renewal system in order to raise level of homoeopaths. Homoeopathy centres have been established around Japan to provide homoeopathic treatment to patients in a relaxed, caring environment. Moreover, the JPHMA now provides indemnity insurance for professional homoeopaths and is aiming to establish a social position for them through a series of activities. We believe that both modern Western medicine and homoeopathy each have their own strengths and weaknesses but that they have the potential to complement one another in a cooperation that can truly benefit the future of people in Japan.

Annual JPHMA Congress


Approval of educational organizations

Establishing indemnity insurance for professional homoeopaths

Enlightenment activities

Certification examination to register as professional homoeopaths

Educational activities for improving skills of professional homoeopaths

Japan Homoeopathy center

International activities

JPHMA is Observer Status with the International Council for Homeopathy (ICH)

In July 2006, the JPHMA joined the ICH, the international version of the European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH), which is the largest homoeopathic organisation in the world - consisting of 32 organisations from 29 countries.

Since 25 March 2015, JPHMA has become Observer Status with ICH.

We are active in both the international and Japanese homoeopathy scenes as we work to promote the development of homoeopathy in conjunction with other homoeopathy organisations worldwide.

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